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Speaking / Performing in 2021

Ingestre Orangery: Pleasure Ground Residency Launch Event


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Margate Now 2021: Sunken Ecologies

25.9.21 - 10.10.21

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Gathering for Rehearsing Hospitalities, Frame Contemporary Art Finland


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Word by Word: Science Fiction as Activism, Workshop


Jupiter Artland: 'On Touching', RESET Alberta Whittle 

31.7.21 - 31.10.21

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The Apocalypse Reading Room Installation 

1.7.21 - 30.9.21

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ARR:What Shall We Build Here: Sharings from the Reading Room


​ARR:The Apocalypse Reading Room: Artist Saturdays

(every Saturday) 9.21

Queer Ecologies: Artist Residency at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

6.21 - 10.21

Queer Ecologies: Dawn in Alborellum, Performance


Queer Ecologies: Full Moon Fires, Gathering

22.8.21 - 21.9.21

Queer Ecologies: The Microbe Disco!


Finnish Cultural Institute: 'On Art, Ecology, and Sustainable Curating', Withstanding Podcast


Listen here

Pages of Hackney: in conversation with Rivers Solomon


Watch the Instagram live conversation here.

Dortmund|Cologne Women's Film Festival


In My Feelings About Climate Change: A Workshop on Climate Grief


Wellcome Collection X Baltic Podcast: For All I Care


Keynote with adrienne maree brown @ New Suns Literary Festival The Barbican: 5.3.2021

Urgency Intensive: Intergovernmental Panel on Art and Climate Change

Jan Van Eyck: 26-27.2.2021

Terra/forms of Choice @ (Re)Constitutions of Choice Symposium Wolf Humanities Center, University of Pennsylvania: 19.2.2021

SoAH Research Presents: REPRESENTATION with Ama Josephine Budge RCA: 17.2.2021

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