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 18 October 2023

As part of the Creative Microbiology Research Colab’s (CMRC) Intra-Actions public programme, newly appointed VIAD Research Associate Ama Josephine Budge Johnstone welcomes her longtime colleague and friend Eric Gyamfi, a Ghanaian photographer experimenting with the hybrid nature of analogue, digital and chemical processes into a conversation exploring ecological chemical processes, Black, queer erotics, interspecies futures.

22nd - 24th June 2023

Now in its fifth edition this year’s festival focuses on relationships between performance, ecology, and the creation of new myth. Through a series of performances, discussions, and films it considers the creation of new mythologies and ecological transition as we enter collectively into precarious and unknown futures.

14th May 2023

In the panel, we discuss why speculative writing is powerful, what the genre's tradition is from a marginalised perspective, and what constitutes current queer or neurodivergent, Black, Afro-German or migrant speculative fiction.

19 March 2022 – 20 March 2022

After Growth is a symposium, taking place both online and in-person.

Together, they will speculate on the possibility of life after growth, placing these at the heart of a city with increasingly green ambitions.

The Beginnings of the Outside

Autumn 2020 to Spring 2021

South African Collective 'Made You Look''s first episode in The Gardens of Others podcast, a three part series exploring the ways in which people’s relationships with plant life and the land, serve as a microcosm of not only the concerns of contemporary political life, but also of the ways in which we might learn to live together. 


On Art, Ecology, and Sustainable Curating

17 May 2021

​Conversation with Essi Vesala about ecology and contemporary art, as well as ecologically sustainable curating. 

Dortmund|Cologne Int. Women's Festival

Free the Gaze

21 April 2021

9th discussion on the status of women* in film business and gender equity. 

Jan van Eyck Academie 


27 February 2021

Discussion of the prospects and challenges of the Intergovernmental Panel on Art and Climate Change in a speculative role-play between the present and the future generations


Chronogram Conversations Presents Taking It To The Streets

1 February 2021

Panel discussion that explored how artists, educators, institutions, and the public can forge a grassroots regional coalition to bring activist art to a wider audience in the Hudson Valley. 

Serpentine Podcast

Back to Earth: Queer Currents

August 2020

Hosts Victoria Sin and Kostas Stasinpoulis together with guests Ama Josephine Budge, Macarena Gomez-Barris, and Jack Halberstam ask "where does wildness live" and explore desire, pleasures, queer resistance, and affinity with apocalyptic world-making.

ArtEZ studium generale

Ama Josephine Budge & Yolande Zola Zoli van der Heide: Tales from the Abyss

13 May 2020

A conversation with Ama Josephine Budge, moderated by Yolande Zola Zoli van der Heide, curator at the Van Abbemuseum

Glasgow School of Art Sustainability

Climate Colonialism Ama Josephine Budge

27 February 2019

Keynotes speaker as part of the "Challenging Climate Colonialism" seminar, held at Glasgow School of Art


Lost Species Day 2018: Programme 'Some of Us Did Not Die'


Conversation with project curator Imani Robinson at ONCA Barge exploring the intersections of racial justice, ecological justice and biodiversity.

UCL Arts & Humanities, Social & Historial Sciences

IAS Turbulence: Feminist Futures for Turbulent Times


Ama Josephine Budge (Psychosocial Studies, BBK), Polly Gould (Newcastle University & Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL), Christine (Xine) Yao (English, UCL), Katie Stone (School of Arts, Birkbeck)

A Shoal of Lovers Lead Me Home


For this event, Ama read from A Shoal of Lovers Lead Me Home, published as an essay in Anathema. Spec from the Margins (2018). This was followed by a conversation between Ama and Barbara Mahlknecht, Jessie McLaughlin and Romeo Gongora.


The Colour Green: Podcast

June 2019

Ama chose Hamstead Heath in North London for her walk, taking us on a journey through a childhood split between London Cornwall and Accra.

Fierce Productions UK

Interview and Reading by Ama Josephine Budge

Fierce Productions' series of 'quick and dirty‘ interviews,  celebrating our QTIPOC kin folk, fellow travelers, wandering stars, kindred spirits, mischief makers and cultural nomads.

prior speaking engagements

Reading at Gathering for Rehearsing Hospitalities, Frame Contemporary Art Finland (2021)


What Shall We Build Here Festival, ArtsAdmin (2021)


Withstanding Podcast, The Finnish Cultural Institute New York (2021)


Keynote Lecture at Fragments and Fractures Conference, Birkebeck (2020)

Guest speaker at Mister Motley and ArtEZ stadium generale (2020)

University of Minneapolis (2019)

National Women’s Studies Association, San Francisco (2019)

Keynote In Conversation with Professor Saidiya Hartman & Dr. Gail Lewis, The Art of Not Doing Conference, Birkbeck (2019)

Keynote Lecture on Climate Colonialism, Glasgow School of Art (2019)

Interrogating Archives, Birkbeck University (2019)

The Colour Green Podcast with Baroness Lola Young, Julie’s Bicycle (2019)

Queer-feminist Ecocriticism in Live Art & Visual Cultures, CUNTemporary (2019)

The Future’s Venture Celebration: Provocation Weekender, Walk the Plank, Salford, (2019)

Cyborgs, Wellcome Collection (2019)

Josephine Budge and guest author Sara Saab, b.Dewitt Gallery (2019)

Listening Legacies of Queerness, Science Fiction and Writing Gender: a reading group with Ama

Feminist Futures for Turbulent Times: The legacies of Octavia E. Butler and Ursula K. Le Guin, UCL University (2019)

Queer Black Performance Colloquiem, Oxford University (2019)

Speculative Climate Stories Angela Chan and Ama Josephine Budge, Iniva (2019)

The Apocalypse Reading Room: In Conversation with Jay Bernard, Free Word (2019)

Keynote Lecture/Reading at Goldsmiths University, London (2018)

Fugitive Feminisms, ICA, London (2018)

Africa Utopia Festival, Southbank Centre, London (2018)

Art & Activism, UCL, London (2018)

Curatorial Care, Humanising Practices Conference, VIAD, Johannesburg (2018)

Pleasuring the Visual, V&A Friday Late, London (2018)

Rethinking Love, Sex and Desire, Consented at Birkbeck University, London (2018)

Mothering Blackness, Autograph ABP, London (2017)

Queer Grime Movements, Karnage at Uniqlo Tate Lates, London (2017)

Black British Resistance, Take Back the City at Goldsmiths University (2017)

Founder and Convener of I/Mages of Tomorrow anti-conference, Goldsmiths University (2017)

Decolonising Feminism Conference, Wits University, Johannesburg (2016)

London Feminist Conference, Hilton Hotel, London (2015)

Women of the World Festival, Southbank Centre, London (2015)

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