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Ama's artworks have been commissioned and exhibited internationally. Some work is available to tour, please get in touch if you or your space are interested. 

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Putting the Cooker on Low
Screening online at CHRA
May 14th 2022 - ongoing

Putting the Cooker on Low explores the daily rituals that allow Black women, femmes and non-binary folk to keep creating in the midst of spiritual, emotional, familial, societal and ecological crises. Putting the Cooker on Low intimates that which happens in the simmer and bubble, on the back burner and the top oven, in the side eye and the hot pot. Thinking with an ancestry of Black feminist petitions for self-preservation, this visual essay works to make visible and then unsettle the ways in which Black womxn artists internalize value-(as)-labour-(as)-capital. The cracks, crevasses and slippages these anti-erotic modes ofsurvival engender – as felt by both human and non-human ecologies – remain forced from view until they become black holes, into which we are swallowed and disappear. Often without a trace. It is with the cooker on low, that resistance might reduce into potency. It is with the cooker on low that we never run out of gas.

Screening online at Rotten.TV
November 4th - December 4th 2021

DeComposure, by British-Ghanaian speculative writer, artist and pleasure activist Ama Josephine Budge, is a meditation on the decomposition of British Empire. Considering that a perceived deficit of economies of “composure” > aka the aesthetics and performances of Christian European civility/civilisation > became a crucial argument for the de-humanisation, racialisation, colonisation and enslavement of Black people, DeComposure reflects on the ways that whiteness as innocent/saviour and whiteness as natural/mastery is fraying and coming apart at the seams in violent and harmful ways. This white grief is like a virus, highly contagious and indiscriminate in its ability to discriminate, to violate, to hate and harm and bring the world burning down with it. But ash becomes (a) fecund matter.


DeComposure was commissioned by artist Daniel Lie and Jupiter Artland, in partnership with Cemeti Institute for Arts and Society (Indonesia) and Casa do Povo (Brazil) and supported by The British Council Digital Collaboration fund.

Image courtesy of the artist. 


On Touching
Jupiter Artland
July - October 2021

Initially a text commissioned by mixed-media artist Alberta Whittle, "On Touching" was here developed  into a meditation on time and ancestry, ritual and labour, dreaming a space in which Black women borne through traditions of caring for lifeways and universes, might yearn for something like silence, something like pleasure, something like touch. This work considers what Blackness might look like in poses of rest and ecstacy, not in an ephemeral future but now, and always.

Commissioned as part of the group show surrounding Whittle's solo work RESET at Edinburgh's Jupiter Artland.  

Credit: RESET, Courtesy Jupiter Artland, Images Harvey Pearson

The Pleasure Grounds:
resident at Ingestre Orangery
June - October 2021

Ama was an artist in residency at the Ingestre Orangery, developing some new work with a focus on pleasure...

Ingestre Orangery opens their contemporary art programme with a new online exhibition event: The Pleasure Grounds opening on 23rd October. From ancient Britain through our colonial past to our present Adam Moore, Verity Birt and Ama Josephine Budge engage with the Orangery site using pleasure as protest, movement practices and archeological digging to investigate and interpret this site of multiple imported identities, show, and pleasure.

Credit: Courtesy of Ama Josephine Budge, Images Angela Johnstone

The Waters that Move Within Me:
Part of "Silence is a Commons" at Casco Art Institute
September 14th 201

Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons invites you to its exhibition program Het is of de stenen spreken (silence is a commons), featuring four solo shows of distinguished artistic practices and languages by Babi Badalov, Ansuya Blom, Ama Josephine Budge, and Mire Lee. Each artist presents forms of communication that transgress the norms and habits shaped by power and capital-driven media at Casco Art Institute, the Netherlands (free)

Credit: Courtesy of Ama Josephine Budge, Images Rosa Paardenkooper

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