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Decolonising Sexuality Festival

During this two day festival, we are seeking to investigate the intertwinement of sexuality and our various identity markers and the impact and legacy of colonialism, all while centering the voices and experiences of people of colour in these important discussions. The festival will consist of panel discussions, workshops, film and art screenings, stalls for sale of artwork and other goods, mingling and networking, and artist performances of various disciplines!

See below for the full program description as well as opportunities to plug in!

(volunteers and vendors are needed!)

Check here for the updated version of our program Saturday, June 9th 2018:

10am- 11:20am: Registration and Check in 11:30-1pm: Panel discussion and Q&A: Addressing Postcolonial Homophobia and Transphobia 2pm- 6pm: Various film screenings and workshops including a Youth consent workshop, Pleasure and Motherhood session, QTPOC movement and sound healing, Eco-sexuality workshop, Black femme space, LGBT asylum story-telling with 'Ice and fire' 6:30-7pm: Panel discussion and Q&A: Disability and Sexuality Sunday, June 10th 2018

10am- 11:20am: Registration and Check in 11:30-1pm: Panel discussion and Q&A: Decolonising Masculinity and Smashing Patriarchy 2pm- 6pm: Various film screenings and workshops including Drag workshop, 'Self-love and Ecstasy' session, London Latinx Workshop, 'Loving ourselves, loving others workshop', Muay Thai Basics for Self-defense 6:30-7pm: Panel discussion and Q&A: Pleasurable Activism: Organising with Self and Collective Care 8-10pm: Performances: K.O.C Initiative (Kings of Colour), Spoken word by Denise Chaila and Comedy with Kemah Bob Precise schedules, workshop descriptions and panelists will be announced soon! ***This is a QTPOC accessible space. In this case, we are seeking to create a safe, non discriminatory space. While all those who are aligned with the values and mission of the festival are welcome, we would like to emphasize the importance of centering the voices and experience of marginalised voices of colour. Organisers of the festival will be visible and engaged during the entirety of the festival and can be contacted to step in and facilitate any potential issues. Accessibility: The SOAS student Union is an accessible venue for wheelchair access. The main entrance labelled College Buildings has a small flight of steps and a ramp for entrance. Accessible toilets are on each floor. A full description of access can be found here: All panels will be BSL signed by the fantastic Audrey Simmons. Each purchased ticket will give access to any activity of the festival on a first come first served basis. Sign-up from 10:30am on each day.

*Feel free to email us at TICKETS CAN BE BOOKED HERE or HERE. 3.5 - 6.5£ online / 6.5£ at the door Artwork: @Decolonial_Killjoy

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