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Programming I/Mages of Tomorrow Anti-Conferece

“We need images of tomorrow, and our people need them more than most.” - Samuel R. Delaney The last twelve months have seen the fruition of a new wave of extreme right-wing political and ideological power in the West. In such a moment of dejection and exhaustion, we need images of tomorrow. This anti-conference calls for artworks, papers, performances, films, rituals, panels, discussions and sharings that de-centre fascist oppression and hold ground for visions that move forwards. We welcome submissions from activists, artists, academics, community organisers, scientists and tech-creators. I/Mages of Tomorrow encourages proposals whose biology actions change rather than presenting it. Click here for the full call for proposals.

Conference runs from 2-4th June 2017 at Centre for Feminist Research, Goldsmiths.

Deadline for Submissions is midnight on March 5th.

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