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'My Family Doesn't Look Like me' at Hair Today Here Tomorrow

I am honoured to have been invited to lead a workshop at Hair Today Here Tomorrow's third edition on January 29th. I'll be guiding a discursive sharing on mixed Black and White identities and what it means to be brought up by, or to choose a family that doesn't look like you. Bring family photos..

Hair Today, Here Tomorrow is a celebration of groups and individuals who are creating their own structures without the help of institutions. We are coming together to discuss, share and care for each other in our intersecting black communities. There will be workshops, arts and crafts made by independent designers and an open talk at the beginning of the day around the chosen theme of Imposter Syndrome. Imposter Syndrome, is the feeling of inadequacy of your personal achievements or goals despite the contrary. It can manifest by you talking yourself out of opportunities, talking yourself down, comparing yourself to others and it goes on. This discussion is how we can create positive obstacles for ourselves and believe that the future us, is actually us right now. Hair Today Here Tomorrow is founded by sound designer and live loop artist Xana.

Art by Bimpe Alliu

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