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Accra Arts Festival

"Accra Arts Festival is back this spring, working with young people of all abilities to inspire creative expression, confidence and critical thinking. Our Exciting month long program includes Saturday classes and in-school workshop programmes, inspiring Accra’s changemakers of tomorrow. Young people will work across genres of poetry, journalism, creative writing, music composition, instrument-making, set-design, fashion, radio-broadcasting and more, culminating in an all day festival.This year we invite writer and artist Ama Josephine Budge back to the festival, working with beatboxer, loop and sound artist Xana to create collaborative original work around the theme of environmental art. We have also invited professional artists including architects, writers, poets, musicians and radio broadcasters to run Masterclasses with the young people over the course of the month.Participants will choose a specialism and showcase their work, including published magazines, broadcasted radio productions and professionally recorded sound art at the Accra Arts Festival, which will run across the last weekend of June."

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