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See Me / Hear Me...


Free the Gaze: Dortmund|Cologne Int. Women's Festival

Urgency Intensive: Jan Van Eyck Institute

Back to Earth: Queer Currents



Keynote Speaker at Glasgow School of Art Sustainability Programme


Lost Species Day 2018 with Imani Robinson at ONCA Barge


IAS Turbulence: Feminist Futures for Turbulent Times


Tales From the Abyss: Ama Josephine Budge and Yolande Zola Zoli van der Heide



Chronogram Conversations Presents Taking It To The Streets: Art & Activism in the Hudson Valley


A Shoal of Lovers Lead Me Home: a brief long chat with writer, artist, curator Ama Josephine Budge on time, space and queering

 *Published by Anathema: Spec from the Margins, Issue 5 (2018).

The Colour Green: Baroness Lola Young in conversation with Ama Josephine Budge

Fierce Productions invited me to read for them...

"Surely our desire for radical social change is intimately linked with our desire to experiencing pleasure, erotic fulfillment, and a host of other passions” (bell hooks)

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